NC needs to adopt best practices to measure teacher effectiveness

As the state legislature begins a new session and Gov. Pat McCrory begins the work of governing, North Carolina is at a critical juncture. The docket is already filled with an ambitious agenda, but one policy domain stands out for its outsized impact and opportunity: public education.....

Durham mental health initiative strives to address treatment gaps

In the weeks since the Newtown school massacre by mentally disturbed shooter Adam Lanza, the state of mental health care in America has come under renewed scrutiny.

For decades, public investment in mental health care has dwindled. In the past few years alone, federal and state support has plummeted by billions of dollars, leaving many people with limited treatment options or none at all. Even the mental health coverage provided by private insurers is often insufficient.

NC needs to be a part of global conversation about entrepreneurship

Our train heads across the northern part of Italy from Turin to Florence – the snow-covered, sun-drenched Alps that are looming outside my window. I am coming from a four-day immersive conversation that is unfolding in Europe right now about how cities across the continent are kick-starting their local innovation ecosystems to boost economic development and increase their global competitiveness.