Leadership exCHANGE

Co-founded by Forward Impact’s Jason Widen, Leadership exCHANGE is a university-focused leadership and social entrepreneurship development program in Prague, Rome, and Panama,  Leadership exCHANGE is working with Forward Impact to design, deliver, and scale its offerings.

Established in 1999, Leadership exCHANGE is an educational organization dedicated to providing young people with the skills and opportunities they need to become active and responsible citizens in this global community.

With programs in Rome, Panama, Prague and Costa Rica, Leadership exCHANGE has created a global network of recognized entrepreneurs and social innovators. More than 1,000 students from over 80 countries have participated in a Leadership exCHANGE program.

See what participants have to say:

Thank you so much for such a great program, especially the Social Entrepreneurship class. I’ve finally found the confidence to start my homelessness program in Sydney and it’s thanks to you!
— Anastasia Hadjidemetri, Australia, September 3, 2012
Something that marked my experience was being able to make an international community service. Even though there are many people in Mexico that need help, I wasn’t aware of the impact of these activities. After GLP Panama, I returned to Mexico with the commitment to do something for my own community, since I’m sure I can make a difference.
— Ernesto A. Rivera Montes, Mexico, August 30, 2010